PERFORMANCE: Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust has introduced innovative new “tuck bags” across wards to help improve the control of infection.

Re-sealable water resistant paper bags are available to every patient to allow them to safely store food at the bedside.

The aim is to prevent food being contaminated with airborne microorganisms and reduce the risk of cross infection.

The idea was the brainchild of Paula Tucker, head of nursing patient safety and quality.

She said: “We tried a few different solutions to the problem of storing food safely at the bedside but none were very effective. We tried re-sealable plastic boxes and other containers but they had to be cleaned regularly and were difficult for elderly or weak patients to open.

“These new tuck bags solve these problems and are a more effective way of protecting patients’ food. They are inexpensive, keep the patient food fresh for longer and a new bag can be used for each patient.”

The initiative was trialled successfully in selected areas of the hospital before being introduced to all wards.

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