PERFORMANCE: A state of “business continuity” was declared at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust on 24 September, after it admitted many more patients than were discharged.

In his weekly Friday message, acting chief executive Chris Adcock described an “extremely difficult week” for both the trust’s main sites.

He said: “From Thursday to Sunday last week we didn’t discharge enough patients. Last weekend, in Brighton we admitted 60 more patients than we discharged and at PRH we admitted 43 patients and discharged 26.

“By Monday morning A&E and [the acute medical unit] were full of adult inpatients and there were patients in the wrong beds all over the hospital. This led to us declaring the hospital to be in a state of business continuity.”

But the trust was to face even more pressure on beds as the week progressed.

Mr Adcock said: “Throughout Monday and Tuesday a lot of people worked very, very hard and we made some headway, only to have the situation compounded on Wednesday morning when we received seven stroke calls before 10.30am, four patients with fractured hips and two trauma calls.”

The trust only stood down from business continuity on the Friday. Mr Adcock added: “It has basically taken a week to recover.”