A large teaching hospital has come out of financial special measures despite ending the last financial year with a £56m deficit.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust remains in quality special measures, but its work to stabilise its financial position has been praised by NHS Improvement, which placed it in financial special measures in October 2016.

The trust has been run by a team from Western Sussex Hospitals Foundation Trust since April last year. It met its deficit target in 2017-18, strengthened its financial governance and management, and delivered £20m in savings. It expects to post a £55m deficit in 2018-19.

NHS Improvement confirmed the trust no longer warrants being in financial special measures in a letter to interim chair Patrick Boyle.

Chief executive Marianne Griffiths said: “We now have control over our finances and we have achieved this without taking our eye off the goal of delivering excellent patient care. We have also continued to invest in our staff and our facilities during this exceptionally difficult period.”