FINANCE: The Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire primary care trust cluster is struggling to meet cost improvement programme savings as acute provider contracts over-perform.

The cluster’s finance report for May shows that Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire PCTs are reporting a year to date combined surplus of £371,000, which is £7,000 above plan, and expects to achieve their 2011-12 target of £2.3m.

Oxfordshire PCT is already £1.6m overspent on its contract with Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals trust although the amount is extrapolated from month one data.

Buckinghamshire’s CIP is underperforming by £1.4m, “mainly due to slippage in approval and commencement of schemes”. The commissioner’s contract with Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust is already £313,000 over-spent, and acute over-performance was identified as a key risk for the year.

Both are short of their QIPP targets. Oxfordshire is £1.8m behind target, “mainly on schemes associated with reducing demand across secondary care”. Buckinghamshire is also £1.4m short of its QIPP target for the year to date.