FINANCE: Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire primary care trust cluster has expressed “concern” over its ability to meet its quality, improvement, productivity and prevention plan for 2011-12.

The cluster’s November finance report says that in Buckinghamshire: “QIPP delivery remains a concern with £4.5m shortfall at month seven rising to £5.4m by year end.”

In Oxfordshire: “QIPP is under achieving by £3.3m mainly on schemes associated with reducing demand across secondary care, and is forecast to underperform by £6.2m.”

The PCTs are on track to hit their surplus target. The report says the cluster is “reporting a year to date combined surplus of £1,295k which is £21k higher than plan.” The trust is also “forecasting they can achieve against their combined target surplus of £2.3m”.

However this is only possible through the “application of reserves and the 2 per cent headroom held by the strategic health authority”, according to the cluster’s chief executive’s statement.

The finance report says Oxfordshire can meet its surplus target “with the return of the total £6.9m SIRF funding from the SHA”, while Buckinghamshire hitting its surplus assumes the return of “£4.6m of SIRF funding”.