FINANCE: Two trusts in the West Midlands have become embroiled in a dispute over a £400,000 payment for an antenatal service that they both help provide.

Burton Hospitals Foundation Trust claims it is owed the sum by Heart of England Foundation Trust for its part in delivering the service.

While Burton is contracted to provide the community midwifery side of the service, Heart of England supplies the hospital care aspect at its Good Hope site.

However, according to Burton’s May board papers, Heart of England has been funded for the full costs of the service, despite the provision being split between them.

The papers claim that both the local commissioner East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and HEFT have confirmed that the latter received the funding but that Burton had not been paid.

Despite this, HEFT was “not agreeing to pay this trust for the community midwifery elements of the pathway”, the papers state.

Heart of England was even expecting to be “paid twice” for the service provision, having invoiced Burton for the work.

“The CCG support the [Burton] position that HEFT should pay this trust for the community midwifery care and cancel their invoices to this trust”, the papers add.

Elsewhere in the papers, Burton claim the dispute has had a £400,000 impact on its cash balance.

A spokeswoman for Burton said: “A further meeting is to take place with representatives from Heart of England Foundation Trust to discuss a resolution.”