PERFORMANCE: Bury’s local involvement network is to launch an un-moderated website to allow patients to anonymously rate their experiences of health and social care providers.

Mick Ainsworth, board member of Bury LINk, said: “The Bury LINk have decided to promote this independent and un-moderated website as the means for Bury residents, through us, to tell health and social care providers and commissioners what their services really feel like on the ground.”

Falah Al-Khafaji, who developed the site, said: “Unlike other systems which have been available and poorly used for some time, our system does not allow service providers or commissioners to edit the information prior to publication so these really are real people’s views to help you choose.”

Bury PCT PEC chair Dr Gerry Martin said: “I can see how Bury LINk can collate the data gathered on this site and use it to help us identify patient priorities and monitor aspects of the contracts we hold. It is an efficient way of gathering a large amount of views consistently and to be able to compare the performance of different services.”