PERFORMANCE: Just 830 people in NHS Bury’s catchment were offered health checks in the first quarter of 2012-13, against a target of 2,000, NHS Greater Manchester board papers show.

A report on NHS Bury’s position to the Greater Manchester cluster board explains that due to “the financial position last year”, the primary care trust “was not able to commit the necessary funds” to fully implement the programme.

It goes on to say: “As was expected, even though performance has improved significantly compared to [the first quarter of] last year, this year’s quarterly target has not been met. This is because the recovery plans in place have not had time to take effect.

“We are expecting to improve further in [the second quarter of 2012] but again not meet target, however expect to significantly over-perform in [quarter three] and [quarter four] and meet the overall annual target. Targets have been re-profiled at practice and sector level based on the majority of [GP] practices commencing delivery in September.”