FINANCE: The primary care trust was forecasting it would break even for 2011-12 at the end of October after receiving an additional £3m in-year allocation, its latest finance report shows.

The paper reported total resources for the year of £320m, compared with £317m the previous month.

It stated: “A forecast breakeven revenue position for 2011-12 is still being forecast from both a revenue and capital perspective, based on the additional in year allocation that has now been agreed.”

The paper added that the commissioner’s “run rate” – the amount it spends each month in relation to its available resources – had worsened slightly since the previous month.

“Whilst progress to improve the recurrent run rate continues, significant risks still remain to sustaining this position, in particular the slight deterioration to the run rate this month,” it said. “Further deterioration to the run rate would place additional risks on the breakeven outturn position being targeted.”

It added: “Currently, slippage on specific financial recovery projects appears to be being mitigated by savings in-year that may be only non-recurrent in nature, emphasizing the importance of achieving full delivery of all financial recovery savings targets on a recurrent basis.”