FINANCE: At the end of February the primary care trust was reporting an in-year deficit of £1.7m, a full £1.9m above its planned expenditure to that point.

However, with just one month until the end of the financial year, the PCT maintained its forecast that it would finish the year with a £321,000 surplus.

The February finance report states: “Along with the in-year capping of [NHS Bury’s] Pennine Acute contract, non-recurrent additional allocations have also now been confirmed in year.

“As reported previously, these funds have now been received and profiled into the year to date financial position.

“Progress in year has been achieved by the setting of in-year outturns for all budget holders, with the majority of areas managing to achieve these targets. These outturn positions are forming the basis of 2011-12 budget setting discussions to ensure that budgets are realigned appropriately.”