WORKFORCE: The mental health foundation trust covering Cambridgeshire and Peterbrough has appointed a new chief executive.

Dr Attila Vegh, a medical doctor, has joined the FT from North East London Foundation Trust.

A statement from the Cambridgeshire trust said Dr Attila Vegh, a qualified medical doctor, has a PhD in cancer research and a master’s degree in healthcare management. 

It added: “Attila brings a unique combination of experiences as a clinician and transformational manager from both the private and public sectors.”

Dr Vegh said: “I see it as our duty to provide care in which local people can have confidence, and that our staff would recommend to their family and friends. Change is happening in the NHS at an unprecedented pace and scale.

“This will put significant challenges on the organisation and will require us to continually develop the way we provide services,” he said.

“In particular, the financial challenges facing the NHS as a whole will put considerable pressure on us and means that we will have to continually innovate and find more efficient ways of delivering great care to local people,” he added.