FINANCE: Cambridgeshire Community Services Trust is predicting deficits in the first two months of the financial year, according to board papers.

Papers submitted to the trust’s April board meeting said: “CCS is facing a challenging year in 2011-12. It expects to report deficits in April 2011 and May 2011. A detailed CIP programme is in place to recover this deficit from June 2011 to deliver a year-end surplus of £670,000”.

The papers said failure to achieve the CIP targets will mean failure to achieve the surplus. It said: “This would subsequently impact on the Trust’s financial risk ratings, Foundation Trust application, cash flows and the Trust’s liquidity assessment.”

A separate report said that “at least £3.5m of the Cost and Income Improvement Plan (CIIP) would need to be met to achieve the planned surplus in 2011-2012”.