STRUCTURE: The chief executive of NHS North Central London has reported to her board that a “Right to Request” bid to become a social enterprise by staff had been withdrawn after legal advice.

Caroline Taylor’s report said: “The Right to Request bid in NHS Camden, which potentially allowed staff to take over and run services as employee-led mutual organisations, has now been withdrawn following legal advice on competition law.

“This has been replaced with an in-house bid that will be submitted within the tender process. The four services, including the two originally covered under Right to Provide, that were placed out to tender the week of 2 July were stop smoking, outreach, health check follow-ups and Wish Plus.

“Following board concerns, the procurement process has been reviewed to ensure that there is a generic standard that can be used in all situations where there is a requirement to encourage small innovative bids.”

The papers went on to say the original bidder was “continuing to develop her in-house bid, however the strategic health authority have accepted that the Right to Request process is no longer being followed and do not expect NHS Camden to carry out the assurances that would go with this process. Instead the bid will be submitted as part of the normal procurement process.”