Campaigners credited with playing a large role in the Government U-turn on selling off forests have turned their attentions to NHS reforms.

Members of campaign group 38 Degrees plan to visit health committee MPs at their surgeries around the country on Friday to hand in a Save Our NHS petition containing over 100,000 signatures.

The group decided to target health secretary Andrew Lansley’s reform package after celebrating victory over the government’s decision to scrap plans to sell off publicly owned forests.

A 38 Degrees spokesperson said: “We have decided to work together to protect the NHS.

“Right now, the government is rushing through changes to our health service. Experts warn that these changes would break the NHS up, handing power to private health companies, and wasting money at a time when funding is already being squeezed and beds and wards being cut.

We’ll be delivering the first batch of signatures to key coalition MPs this week.”

38 Degrees, whose name comes from the angle of the tipping point that triggers an avalanche, was one of the key opponents of the forest privatisation proposals.

It collected over half a million signatures on a petition and members raised money to fund a YouGov poll that found 84 per cent of people were against the plans, and funded ads in national newspapers.

The group was founded by Gordon Roddick and others after the death of his wife, Body Shop founder and campaigner Anita Roddick, to continue her campaigning work in part, and to replicate the success of social network style campaigning by groups such as in the US.