FINANCE: Lancashire providers are to hold a summit of all clinical leaders, finance directors and chief executives in a bid to “reframe” savings plans on “improving outcomes” and addressing financial challenges collectively.

Primary care trust cluster NHS Lancashire’s latest report on quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) savings progress states: “It has been agreed to hold an event in October 2011 bringing together the Clinical Leaders (Directors of Nursing and Medical Directors) with the Chief Executives and Directors of Finance from all the provider organisations across Lancashire.

“This event follows a recent workshop with Clinical Commissioning Group colleagues regarding contracts for 2012-13 where QIPP plans will be a key feature. Karen Partington (Chief Executive, Lancashire Hospital Foundation Trust) and Heather Tierney-Moore (Chief Executive, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust) have agreed to jointly plan the event.

“There is an explicit intention to reframe the work on QIPP to focus on improving outcomes and addressing the financial, clinical, organisational and regulatory challenges in a collective and collaborative way.”