PERFORMANCE: The central London hospital had an average patient handover time between ambulance and trust of 11.8 minutes at the end of last year.

The latest figure, a snapshot of all London hospitals collected in November, found the trust was still breaching its NHS London target of 15 per cent or less of handovers taking quarter of an hour or less.

However, this target was also breached by every other hospital in the capital apart from the Homerton Hospital Foundation Trust, which had an average handover of 11.2 minutes.

Five hospitals had more than half their patients wait more than 15 minutes.

These were Hillingdon, King’s College, Whipps Cross, King George’s, Ilford, and Queen’s in Romford.

The information was contained in the December reports to the Performance Professional Leadership Group.

The minutes reported that NHS London’s head of performance improvement Diana Lacey had said at the November meeting that “emergency care performance has continued to deteriorate since June. The sector chief executive meetings are not providing additional insight into the reason for the deterioration.”