FINANCE: City Hospitals Sunderland Foundation Trust is spending more than planned this year - but also seeing greater than expected income.

As of its August finance report, the FT had spent more than expected on pay by 2.1 per cent, and 6.8 per cent on non-pay. It was also behind on its cost improvement plan by 35.7 per cent of the planned saving.

Income was significantly ahead of plan so, as of August, the FT was meeting its overall planned financial position. However, it said there was concern about the rest of the year.

The finance report said: “The trust has now received formal notification from both South of Tyne PCTs and Durham PCT that they require us to reduce elective activity back to plan.

“Given the uncertainty around clinical income the directorates are forecasting that the trust will not reach its required surplus. With the clear risk around levels of income it is important that CIP plans produce more significant savings in the second half of the year if the trust is to deliver to plan,” it adds.