FINANCE: City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust was exceeding its planned surplus by £3.5m as of March.

The FT’s March finance board paper says its overall position was a net surplus of £4,410,000 against a planned surplus of £872,000, which is £3,538,000 better than planned.

It was due to overperformance on elective care throughout the year, some non elective overperformance, and some on non-clinical income.

However it was slightly behind on cost improvement plans for the 2011-12, which also included a “recurrent shortfall from 2010-11 at £9,380,000”.
Its target to the end of February was £19,908,000, of which delivery was £15,991,000, giving a variance of £3,917,000.

“Trust reserves have been used significantly to balance the shortfall on the CIP programme, reserves which were largely earmarked for focus on other developments,” the finance paper says.