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    Adolescent services: smells like teen spirit


    The teenage years are not the easiest: testing boundaries, asserting your independence and taking risks - and this age group often falls between child and adult healthcare. Claire Laurent reports on moves to target services for young people's needs

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    Cancer strategy: earlier, faster, shorter - and more data


    Last week the government promised a further 370m to reform cancer, with a focus on prevention and shorter hospital stays. But selective fast-tracking plans have drawn criticism. Claire Laurent reports

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    Where do they come in?


    Published: 30/09/2004, Volume II4, No. 5925 Page 34 35

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    National service


    news focus

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    Ready, study, go


    Published: 20/02/2001, Volume II3, No. 5843 Page 23 25

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    Too hot to handle?


    WARD MANAGERS: People who manage wards feel their accountability is being increased while their control of resources is being diminished. Claire Laurent reports

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    Scene setting


    TRAINING: The NHS is working with educational institutes to recruit the people who will eventually provide it with much-needed skills, reports Claire Laurent

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    Keeping mum


    CHILDCARE: For many parents, work is only possible once childcare has been resolved. So the NHS is wise to invest in more nursery places, says Claire Laurent

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    Independence way


    Intermediate care has been redefined and given a new emphasis - as well as new money. But the model being introduced has had little evaluation and may produce no added benefits to patients, says Claire Laurent

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    'Resign or be sacked' was 'choice' for chair


    Health secretary Alan Milburn was told of the departure of the former chair of Stoke Mandeville Hospital trust earlier this month before she had submitted her resignation over breaches of the 18-month waiting-list guarantee.