New clinical commissioning groups within the NHS must change the system and “deliver results”, a report by an expert group has claimed.

The Intelligent Board 2011, chaired by Professor David Colin-Thome, has produced what it says are the five imperatives of best clinical commissioning practice - focusing on patients and populations, paying for outcomes, creating pathways and care packages, collaborating and engaging, and being transparent.

In order to make best use of the opportunity clinical commissioning presents, the report claims groups should not start by ordering “more of the same” and must “be bold” in their outlook.

The Dr Foster-sponsored document aims to encourage intelligent clinical commissioning and the intelligent use of information in practice to board members of clinical commissioning groups.

Professor Colin-Thome, a former national director for primary care at the Department of Health, will be joined by MP Stephen Dorrell, chair of the House of Commons Health Select Committee, as the report is launched.

“NHS commissioning has achieved less than it should have due to a lack of clinical involvement and a dearth of high quality information,” Professor Colin-Thome said.

“We should not be distracted by the fact that some aspects of the new commissioning structures and processes remain to be finalised. Commissioners need to get on and deliver results.”