HSJ data visualisation - size of CCG and likely allocations

HSJ’s visualisation shows the variation in the sizes of emerging clinical commissioning groups and the amount they are likely to be allocated to spend on running costs, based on our research.

A Department of Health tool distributed among future commissioners, and seen by HSJ, suggests the groups will get just £20 per head to spend on “running costs”.

The bubbles show the estimated running cost allowance each CCG will get, based on the £20 per head figure. This allowance will have to pay for all commissioning functions inherited from primary care trusts as well as a number of fixed costs.

Fixed costs include those to pay for a board – including a finance director, GPs and a nurse and a secondary care specialist clinician – which the DH tool estimates will cost them around £1.5m.

A further £446,000 will be required for “clinical leadership and practice”, according to the tool.