It is gratifying to discover that the NHS in Warrington continues to nurture bold and experimental approaches to the English language.

Regular readers may recall that the commissioning support unit for Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral last year won one of the Plain English Campaign’s Golden Bull awards – given for the “best examples of gobbledygook” – for a piece of writing that included the poetic phrase: “Building in equality and risk impact assessments the options are taken through a process to arrive at the content for an output based specification and benefits foreseen as a result of the implementation.”

End Game was forced to wonder this week whether Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group might have hired the author of that stellar prose to produce a recent report on its financial strategy for 2013-14.

The report memorably states: “To improve patient care across the whole patient pathway, to remove efficiencies that naturally occur as more and more providers ‘touch’ patients and to ensure that innovation is driven for all patients for all our providers it is a key that our providers link as much as possible, with the patient at the centre.”

Hmm. We’re pretty sure it’s not national policy to remove efficiencies. However, if they’re the kind of efficiencies that occur when “more and more providers ‘touch’ patients”, maybe we’re better off without them.