End Game will normally rush to defend ministers against accusations that they inhabit a mad parallel universe, but we did have to concede the carpers might have a point when we read a recent Department of Health diary of forthcoming press events.

There were the usual speeches at worthy events, but one of Norman Lamb’s forthcoming engagements was more puzzling.

He was lined up to visit Durham Hospital and Tees, Esk and Ware [sic] Trust, followed by a trip to “Botton Village and Inverting Triangle CCG”.

Back on planet Earth, we’re fairly sure that there are strict rules around what you can and cannot call a CCG, and that neither verbs nor geometric terms were allowed.

There is a village called Botton, near Whitby, and another called Triangle, 100 miles away near Halifax. Interestingly, that’s not far from the famous west Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle.

However we’re fairly sure those places are covered by Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG, and Wakefield CCG respectively. So really we don’t have the faintest idea what the DH is on about.