We all know ambulance work can be tough, but last week a Surrey paramedic was particularly desperate for an after work tipple. After a Tesco worker refused to serve him a bottle of wine on the grounds that he was an emergency services employee in uniform, he stormed out of the store, returning in just a thong and socks.

It’s not clear where the thong came from - had he run out of clean boxers that day, or did there just happen to be a spare G-string in the ambulance glove compartment? Needless to say, the prank didn’t go down well with store staff - or the paramedic’s bosses. A Tesco spokesman called the incident “wholly unnecessary”, while South East Coast Ambulance Service trust chiefs are said to be considering disciplinary action. At least if he’s forced to rethink his career he may have found a new calling. As one delighted shopper pointed out: “Normally people would pay to see a man in uniform strip.”