Who’d have thought Lansley would bring the system together as one?

Give COO Lansley his due: the system is together as one in a manner unprecedented in all my years of public sector servitude.  

Unison and the BMA brothers in arms!  The Lancet and NHS Procurement Monthly in editorial harmony!  The Torygraph and Grauniad fighting it out in leader and letter page alike for that spot at the apex of Mount Moralhighground!  

Haven’t seen anything like it since the Sino-Soviet pact. Only goes to show that you really can’t beat the uniting force of a common enemy.

Message management a bit more challenging on the ground, what with the 43 questions from the floor at the consultant committee aggregating into a rhetorical taxonomy of three, namely: “He’s not listening, is he?”, “This is all bonkers isn’t it?” and “It’s never going to work, is it?”.  

Still, amazing what you can do with “no comment” given the right tone, body language and timing.  

Which just won’t wash with the media, at least not according to the director of communications.  Although it beats me if I can see the difference between “no comment” and our official line of “the hospital is fully committed to working with both existing and emerging commissioners to ensure that patient care remains at the centre of everything we do”. 

As does the ability of the Daily Bugle to turn such banal tosh into a torch-bearing headline of “Standards of hospital cleanliness to decline as GPs take up the reins of power”.

And something tells me there’s more to come as this coalition horse runs its coalision course. We’ve yet to hear from Esther Rantzen. We’ve yet to hear from Lord Crisp and his fellow alumni of yesteryear as they limber up to put their tuppenceworth in at the Home for Retired Gentlefolk. 

But true to the letter and the spirit of the sermon from Mount Nicholson, my own lips will remain sealed. Like all those other people and the comment boards. Every one of them called Anonymous…