End Game is delighted to trumpet an unequivocal campaigning journalism win!

Last week we welcomed Incisive Health into health policy world. The new organisation, spun out of MHP Health Mandate, is led by three well known health policy luminaries including Health and Social Care Bill, aka Bill Morgan, End Game’s favourite ex-Lansley special advisor.

We asked that Incisive keep up the MHP tradition of making funny stuff to send us at Christmas, and that they refrain from masterminding any more top down reorganisations of the health service.

Well, we are delighted to announced that in response, Incisive have pledged that “this is our last top down reorganisation”, while acknowledging that Morgan has said that before.

He certainly has, and we’re also not sure what they mean by “this” – are they talking about the 2012 reforms, which are still playing themselves out like a slow motion car crash, or the act of setting themselves up?

Who cares? We’ll chalk it up as an End Game victory whatever.

You’re welcome, world, it’s all in a day’s work.