It’s hard when your commissioners say you’re cliquey, self-absorbed and weak in partnerships. But it feels a bit better when 90 per cent of the people who use your services say you improve their lives.

WRVS has just published an independent report on our impact. We’ve taken the rough with the smooth, and are gearing up now to change the things that don’t work and do more of what does: no doubt familiar territory for a lot of you.  

We’ve got a new strap line that’s more than skin deep: positive about age, practical about life. You’ll start seeing it pop up around hospitals this year, it marks some major changes at WRVS.

We are going to be a better partner, more joined-up and respond better to what older people want in hospital, at home and in our communities.

In this blog I’m going to tell you how we get on with transforming one of the most trusted and reliable voluntary organisations into one that helps older people live the way they want by providing practical services, powered by volunteers. There’ll be the usual ups and downs, and some surprising turns, so glad to have you along for the ride.