The world of finance is more commonly associated with mammon and the love of money, aka the root of all evil, than with holiness and the simple life of devotion to the Lord.

So imagine our surprise when we learned that a group of nuns called the Congregation of the Daughters of the Cross of Liège were getting involved in a spot of M&A activity.

The congregation – a charity set up by Belgian nuns in the 19th century – has just sold one of its hospitals to private firm Spire Healthcare for an undisclosed value.

Spire was “deemed by the trustees [of the charity] to be the best fit” for St Anthony’s Hospital, a 92-bed private hospital based in Sutton founded over 100 years ago, a press statement released last week by Spire said.

End Game wonders if the nuns realised that Spire was a big private healthcare provider and not the pointy bit of a church.

God’s policy on capitalism is hotly debated and End Game has no definitive answer on the subject, but we do hope the nuns drove a jolly hard bargain.