Outgoing Monitor executive chair Bill Moyes took on an emotional tone, uncharacteristic both for himself and Foundation Trust Network conferences, at a network event last week.

Having made what will be one of his final speeches in post, Mr Moyes added: “Thank you to all of you who have written to me. I have had some really nice letters in the past few weeks - much nicer than I usually get from FTs - and I’m very, very appreciative of that.” End Game is looking into whether such correspondence is covered by the Freedom of Information Act.

Some members of the foundation trust family are feeling less warm towards each other, however. Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust is vocally opposing Northumberland Healthcare Foundation Trust plans to build a new emergency care hospital a few miles north of the city. Newcastle’s departments and staff have expressed concern in several official representations, and are understood to have been making themselves heard at consultation meetings.

Given Newcastle chief executive Sir Len Fenwick is also a governor at Northumberland, it could make for lively board meetings.