It was refreshing to see the Foundation Trust Network launching a staunch defence of the Care Quality Commission, amid allegations the regulator was not fit for purpose in the wake of the “cover up” scandal.

Lesser interest groups might have reached for the popcorn, sat back and watched as the quality watchdog received the kind of monstering it has, on occasion, handed out to FTN members. 

But the network instead issued a press statement praising its new leadership and calling for them to be given “time, space and support to do their work”.

FTN chief exec Chris Hopson was quoted as saying: “The sight of people grabbing the headlines on the back of the NHS is never edifying. As Jeremy Hunt said… David Prior and David Behan are outstanding public servants who are already successfully leading the much-needed changes at the CQC.”

End Game heartily endorses this sentiment, and is confident that this statement was not issued with the intention of grabbing media coverage on the back of those unedifying people grabbing headlines on the back of the NHS.