Department of Health witnesses appeared to be feeling the pressure during the latest round of the Commons health select committee’s inquiry into commissioning.

Disproving the myth that health ministers are perfect (ahem), Mike O’Brien got his “great” and his “good” the wrong way round when referring to his boss’s health strategy - NHS 2010-2015: from good to great.

Meanwhile, Alan Maynard, esteemed professor of health economics at York University, demonstrated his frustration with proceedings several times by resting his head on the table.

Right at the end of the session, the spotlight turned on primary care tsar David Colin-Thomé, who was questioned by Liberal Democrat MP Sandra Gidley about his notorious comparison of practice based commissioning to a “corpse”.

Picking his words carefully this time, Dr Colin-Thomé explained: “Where it’s not working, GPs need a kick up the backside.”