We learn of tectonic movements in the exciting world of healthcare public affairs.

Three consultants who developed and have recently left the successful MHP Health Mandate - Mike Birtwistle, Bill Morgan and Sarah Winstone – have formally launched their start-up rival, called Incisive Health.

If Mr Morgan’s name rings a bell, he was previously Andrew Lansley’s political advisor, and thus pivotal to bringing about the 2012 Health Act. (Does that mean we can call him “Health and Social Care” Bill? – End Game ed)

So moving swiftly on, if MHP Health Mandate sounds familiar, it may be because they have produced and sent out excellent tongue-in-cheek “reformed NHS jigsaw puzzles” and sets of top trump cards of health leaders, for the two previous Christmases.

End Game has high expectations of Incisive, and demands a new toy this year, and that all the trio refrain from masterminding any further top down reorganisations. If they are not met we will release Bill’s Twitter handle to readers who still have a little steam to let off.