University Hospital of South Manchester Foundation Trust have been so overwhelmed by the positive feedback they’ve had from patients that they felt moved to produce a video about it.

“Viral video launch”, a press release proclaims. End Game humbly submits that might be a little presumptuous, since it’s not up to the producer whether or not a video goes “viral”, and to be attempting to contrive such an outcome risks looking, well… a bit contrived.

Anyway you can watch it on YouTube, though it’s not one for if you’re feeling delicate, as there are lots of close up shots of old ladies looking vulnerable and talking about how nice the nurses have been to them.

It’s based on the Kinks’s Days, so if that song holds a special place in your heart then best grit your teeth and remember the patients.

All together now: “Thanks UHSM, I won’t forget the excellent care you gave me”.

South Manchester have form on this sort of thing, actually.

Previously they used Michael Jackson’s Beat It to tell a powerful yet irresistably funky story about hand hygiene, and they also used the completely-deranged-if-you-actually-listen-to it backing from Black Lace’s 1983 banger Superman for a similar purpose.

Less tuneful but arguably more enjoyable South Manchester YouTube videos include “Fig 2 example of an abnormal mitral valve in 3D” and “ribbon cutting on UHSM’s biomass boiler”.