It could be argued that public health minister Gillian Merron has had it a tad easy this year. With the exception of a warning that chlamydia should be avoided and a quote about shingles being nasty, she seems to have landed all the fun jobs.

On 26 January she encouraged primary school pupils in Enfield to walk to lessons; the next day she met Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity, the Essex based dance troop, in a bid to “get kids boogying for a healthier future across the country”.

Did this go down well with Mike O’Brien, as he sat in his office wrestling with practice based commissioning, or Ann Keen as she burned the midnight oil pondering the future of nursing and midwifery?

Well, it seems the good times may be about to end. The health select committee announced last week that it wanted to talk to Ms Merron as part of an inquiry on the “responsibilities of the minister of state for public health.”