In this occasional series End Game’s esteemed colleague CSU Cassander identifies some little known exemptions to the pesky Freedom of Information Act, to enable you to go about your business unimpeded by all those “armchair auditors” the government seems to think are so fascinated by what you do.

  • Section 52a: various circumstances covered under Section 53c
  • Section 53c: various circumstances covered under Section 52a
  • Section 93: the HR department no longer talk to anyone, following the Incident
  • Section 78: fair use limit exceeded
  • Section 89: no hablo Ingles
  • Section 91: tl;dr (or too long; didn’t read)
  • Section 3.16: God helps those who help themselves
  • Section 95: no-one left who knows the FoI system password
  • Section 99: it’s dangerous to talk to strangers