Did you hear the one about the pizza delivery driver who saved a customer’s life?

It happened in Memphis, Tennessee. Every day for the last three years an elderly woman, who lives alone, ordered a large pepperoni pizza. The pizza parlour would even prepare the woman’s order before she called!

When she went three days without placing her usual order, however, her regular delivery driver became concerned and called in to check she was ok.

Unable to get an answer, the delivery lady, Susan Guy, called the police, who broke into the house. The frail elderly customer had fallen and, unable to get up or summon help, had lost consciousness.

Now recovering in hospital, she owed her life to her regular pizza; or more accurately her regular pizza delivery driver.

My initial reaction was not that this is an example of the big society in action, but only in the USA would someone manage to prolong their life by living on pizza.

Then I thought: hold on, this is a glimpse of the future!

A future where there is no Home Help service for frail elderly people and the Meals on Wheels service has been privatised.