Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope – somewhat surprisingly, it’s Phil Morley, chief executive of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust.

It’s fair to say Mr Morley threw himself headlong into the organisation’s Workout at Work day by appearing in a short film made especially for the event.

The video, which was supposed to be for employees’ eyes only but later surfaced on YouTube, begins with an interesting insight into the life of a stressed-out chief exec. Mr Morley is seen getting increasingly frustrated with a barrage of phone calls, before losing his temper and shouting: “For goodness sake! Can you not just sort it out yourselves! Why do you always have to come through me?”

Then he spins around on his office chair and transforms into the lycra-clad superhero. Having performed some tension-relieving stretches, Mr Morley then starts marching energetically to the tune of Show Me the Way to Amarillo, joined by a posse of sheepish-looking extras. Not everyone saw the funny side - some YouTube commenters described the stunt as “cringe-worthy” and an “insult” to staff.

But End Game is not one to carp. We excitedly await the release of the full-length exercise video by the NHS’s very own Man of Steel.