Managers in Scotland will have taken cover this week, especially from junior nurses, after their salary increases were revealed by the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Both The Times and Scotland on Sunday reported the Lib Dems’ claims that health boards had awarded average rises of 6 per cent last year.

Experts said at least £120m could be saved by sending hip and hernia patients to India for surgery

For extra shock value, the pay rises were compared with the 2.75 per cent rise for a newly qualified nurse.

Sticking with money and colder parts of the country, several of the papers looked at the effect of the winter pressures for the NHS.

According to the News of the World - courtesy of an NHS Information Centre press release - the cost of missed appointments and cancelled operations due to the snow stands at £8.6m. And that is without the increase in slips, trips and falls.

In largely identical stories, the Daily Express and Daily Mail warned that trusts, already hit by “the big freeze”, were having to deal with up to 500,000 cases of norovirus and that 140 wards were shut.

Statements from the DH and the Health Protection Agency explain this happens yearly.

Meanwhile, another one of those ideas for saving the NHS “tens of millions of pounds”, was provided by the Independent on Sunday. The paper quoted experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Indian Institute of Management saying at least £120m could be saved by sending hip and hernia patients to India for surgery.

No one mentioned the giant carbon footprint involved in such a plan.

On the subject of hot air the Observer reported criticism that 100 hospitals were putting patients at risk by agreeing cut price energy contracts that allowed gas supplies to be cut off with minimal warning.