Every parent knows the pitiful wail “you love them more than you love me!” But Media Watch wonders if something similar is being heard in the Cabinet.

David Cameron’s praise of education secretary Michael Gove to a group of supporters was interpreted by newspapers as a deliberate snub of Andrew Lansley. The health secretary was “pointedly” not mentioned – something treated as evidence the health secretary could soon be heading for pastures new. The Observer said the prime minister “declined to name-check” Mr Lansley who was “losing favour”.

The Independent, meanwhile, focused on the PM’s warning that without action the NHS would have been heading for crisis. Which, of course, it no longer is.

Public health doctors are concerned that money intended for cancer screening will be spent on potholes as local authorities ignore ringfencing, according to the Daily Telegraph.

But the NHS’s reputation took a battering in widespread coverage of two patients who needed chemotherapy after receiving kidneys donated by a cancer sufferer. The Daily Express story of a two-year-old with a rare tumour whose £100,000 proton beam therapy in the US is being funded by the NHS was recognition that it works with other countries to provide treatment not yet available in the UK.

Primary angioplasty is not normal fare for soap operas, but it dominated The Archers last week. Tony Archer received the life-saving treatment after collapsing in the milking parlour.

But Media Watch was suspicious about such a storyline just a day or so before the NHS Information Centre put out new statistics showing that heart attack survival rates have improved dramatically. Serendipity or a leak from a well-placed source? And, if it was a leak, was the loan of a horse involved?