One health story got the attention of all of the nationals this week - an Alcohol Concern report on the pressure placed on the NHS by drinking.

While it received a mention in The Telegraph and The Times, the Daily Mail and The Guardian gave the report significant column inches - with very different spin.

In its glass half empty headline, the Mail warned “A&E staff to face three drunks every minute - how alcohol cases are swamping our hospitals”. The Guardian was more glass half full, with “Aid for heavy drinkers could save the NHS £1.7bn”.

Meanwhile, the nationals finally caught up with news that NHS staff are unlikely to get paid more for working on the royal wedding day - a story reported two weeks ago by HSJ’s sister title Nursing Times.

Under the headline “Nurses ‘should get royal wedding bonus’”, The Telegraph reported Unison describing moves by some trusts to treat it as a normal working day as “mean”.

The Daily Mail continued its monitoring of Hans-Christian Raabe, the government drugs adviser sacked for his controversial views linking homosexuality and child abuse. Dubbed the “Christian GP” by the paper, he is reportedly threatening legal action against the Home Office after finding it had cited research making the same link in a report - which he said was “quite hypocritical”.

Under the ambiguous headline “Give sex disease jabs to all girls”, the paper also reports calls from the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV for schoolgirls aged 12-13 to be vaccinated against genital warts. This would save the NHS £35m, the association claims.

Lastly, the Mail reports that Lancashire hospitals are to trial teaching expectant mothers to hypnotise themselves before giving birth as an alternative to painkillers.