The ministerial diary is absolutely chocker at the moment as the DH rushes to publish every last report and scrap of policy knocking about the place before pre-election purdah strikes.

With the exception of Gillian Merron.

Her diary had only one thing in it this week and that was fruit and veg - not her shopping list you understand, but to do with shops nonetheless.

Marking a significant turning point in Gillian’s recent dancing and cycling based brief, she has switched her attention to getting more people in low income parts of the South West, East Midlands and West Midlands to eat their five a day. Has she bought a market stall and started shouting “apples and pears” in a Mockney accent?

Not quite.

The big plan is: give corner shops “point-of-sale and in-store branding” for the Change4Life campaign (marketing speak for posters) and an “ambient stand for display” at the front of the store (marketing talk for shelves).

End Game thought all corner shops had an obligatory fruit and veg stand outside already but Gillian knows best.  

So if you live, commission or provide in a “low income” area, End Game suggests you get down to your local corner shop and snap up some fruit and veg right now.

It will probably be more expensive than a market stall or Tesco but you will be supporting Gillian.