It’s time for Merron Watch - your weekly update on how everyone’s favourite public health minister is tackling the pressing issues of the day.

We’ve had dancing, cycling and massages, but recently Gillian has turned her attentions to sexual health, launching a rather unusual survey on the subject.

The poll asked under-25s what they thought was the most important sign that a relationship would last. You might have thought having similar life plans, sharing a sense of humour or getting on with each other’s friends and family would come top, but you would be wrong.

According to the survey, the most important sign that a new relationship will last is actually whether couples discuss sexually transmitted diseases together. This has apparently overtaken “more traditional milestones” such as meeting the parents - a finding the accompanying press release admits is “surprising”.

So any readers enjoying a budding relationship, forget about that weekend in Paris or romantic dinner and consider a sortie to the local sexual health clinic instead.