Commiserations to Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group, which remains one of the groups with some of the most serious limitations on its freedoms following a summer review of the CCG authorisation process. The categories of its failures – covering its engagement with practices, its constitution, and the skills of those on its governing body – suggest it has some serious challenges.

Conversely, End Game is happy to report on positive news demonstrating very positive engagement with some non-GP clinicians in the CCG’s patch.

Amid a more standard discussion on local primary care issues, minutes report: “Chair update highlighted momentous cricket match victory of GPs over Basildon consultants…”

Another minute records that “there was an update on the cricket match which took place the previous month and photographs were displayed”. We look forward to this partnership building leading to a smooth contracting process for the CCG next year, assuming it has been given control of its budgets by then.