Monitor! Dynamic, inspiring and unleashing the invisible golden hand of the market into fusty old healthcare!

End Game’s favourite disruptive innovators have now largely moved from boring, civil servant-ridden Westminster to energetic, mould-breaking Waterloo.

Round the back of the Old Vic and opposite a soup kitchen on Webber Street, since you ask.

But now the sector regulator needs an eye-catching atrium to inspire the consultants and, in particular, the doing-their-best NHS types who visit. The entrance to the building is still under construction.

So for the time being visitors must walk down a side street and into the back entrance via the back garden, in which they report to a security guard in a little shed.

Not a Portakabin, an actual shed.

Words alone can’t convey the sweetness of this rural scene as, each morning, Monitor and co. troop down the little stairs, through the SE1 bucolia to sign in at the shed like seasonal agricultural workers at the gates of some great estate.