After the extraordinary “Bristol stool tart”, End Game is delighted to learn that that more clinicians have decided to express their love for their jobs through the medium of cake.

Members of the Royal College of Midwives have done themselves proud (and End Game a favour) by producing a breathtaking array of birthing-related cakes.

Visit their Facebook page for the full selection – End Game is a particular fan of the startlingly realistic rendering of a midwife’s eye-view of an about-to-be mother “crowning”, though make sure you’re sitting down and have a sugary tea to hand before you click through.

For the weaker stomached, this one of a nearly-due baby kicking through their mum’s tummy is more tasteful, while midwives really loved the one with a dad-to-be on the gas and air.

Convincing though this placenta cake is, End Game can’t stop wondering what it tastes like.

We are, however, bitterly disappointed that doctors and nurses are having all the fun – NHS managers haven’t yet got the baking bug (or perhaps the time?).

Readers should be assured that, as soon as we receive evidence that finance directors are baking cakes about their cost improvement plans, we will feature them very prominently indeed.