Unedifying news reaches End Game from Harley Street.

It appears that the illustrious London thoroughfare has been the site of some rather unsavoury discoveries. The street is home to an array of medical clinics famous for charging loads of money to rich people who are unable to confront their own mortality to make them look weird and old rather than just old… er, we mean high quality private practices of international standing.

Anyway, Westminster City Council reports that they have been leaving biohazardous waste out on the streets for the plebs to take away.

The council said a “handful of medical clinics” had been leaving out unmarked bin bags containing human blood, syringes and pig snouts.  One of them, the London Neurology and Pain Clinic, has been prosecuted by Westminster City Council and fined £1,000.

Never let it be said that private practitioners all have their snouts in the trough. Apparently the items are good for training clinical staff, though End Game can’t help but wonder whether there might be a few very well heeled pigs trotting about the west end with perfectly sculpted human noses.