“Imagine a world where our health literacy matched our coffee literacy.” So tweeted Johnny Marshall, the NHS Confederation policy director and all round jolly good egg, linking to piece he’d written for the BBC.

The gist of Mr Marshall’s argument was that patients should be treated more like customers and if they complain people should listen to them.

In Johnny’s local cafe, if your drink isn’t perfect, the barista will make it again free of charge because the shop values customer feedback and “puts its money where its mouth is”.

There are two assumptions here that need addressing: First, that have a become a nation of macchiato sipping coffee connoisseurs - we haven’t, as anyone who has tried the bog standard instant blends on offer at any NHS related conference will know. Second, that as a people we are prepared to complain about anything other than the weather.

Maybe Dr Marshall moves in pushier, more coffee-literate circles than End Game.

One imagines re-doing an abdominal aortic aneurysm would take a little more effort than remedying a shoddily made cappuccino.