Hearty End Game congratulations go to the team of volunteers who achieved a “professional relaxation qualification” via George Eliot Hospitals Trust.

A graduation ceremony took place in February to recognise the team, who work on the trust’s Oasis Project, all of whom received an A grade in the diploma assessments.

The project is intended to help patients relax ahead of a stressful medical or surgical procedure, through creating a “calm, tranquil environment away from the clinical setting”.

George Eliot sent volunteers off to something called the “School of Natural Health Sciences” to get the certificate.

The school’s website says an eight lesson course in “professional relaxation therapy” costs £195. One of the services on offer at the Oasis Project is an “aromatherapy hand massage”.

The centre offers tutored courses on things like “crystal healing” (£295) “holistic dowsing” (£295), “advanced past life therapy” (£395).

Possibly for the best that the trust states that there’s a clear divide between the relaxation space and the hospital’s clinical functions, then.