Simon Stevens’ arrival at NHS England has been marked, in what is becoming the conventional fashion, by an unfunny Twitter spoof account.

Twitter fans may be aware that previous attempts to caricature Mr Stevens’ predecessor, Sir David Nicholson, rapidly ran out of puff and were nothing like as bonkers as Sir David himself.

The comic conceit this time is that the soon to be NHS chief executive shares a surname with Shakin’ Stevens, the ultra-soft retro rock ‘n’ roller who wore atrocious jumpers and whose songs were a staple of primary school discos when End Game was a wee nipper.

Sample tweets: [To HSJ editor Alastair McLellan] “Hey, Al! You can call me Betty! @HSJEditor You’re gonna be the chief critic reviewing my new releases, right?”

 [to National Voices’ Jeremy Taylor] “Hey there, Jez! I hear great things about you guys. National Vices is a fab name for a public health charity! Rock on”.

Rock off, Shakey.