End Game realises that, broadly speaking, it is out of order to make observations about very successful women by reference to their husbands – or to intrude into family life (Press Complaints Commission code point 3, for media regulation fans).

But we do feel the need to highlight one tweet by Birmingham Children’s Hospital Foundation Trust chief executive Sarah-Jane Marsh, who is also – as is widely known – the wife of outgoing NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson. We hope the family will take it in good spirit.

HSJ editor Alastair McLellan had just referred to a reader’s comment on one of his leader columns. He twote: “I am also accused of: ‘historical revisionism worthy of the former Soviet Union’ - which is a 1st comrades.”

Ms Marsh – an admirably open, keen and engaging Twitter user, replied: “It drives me insane that people compare everything to the USSR with little understanding of it. Compulsory history lesson needed?”

End Game admits our memory of A level history has become a little faded. Perhaps Ms Marsh could suggest someone with an encyclopaedic knowledge of communist systems to offer that lesson.